For the Love of Food Byron Bay Smoothie Bowl

For the Love of Food Byron Bay Smoothie Bowl

If you don’t live in Byron, all ingredients can be substituted with different versions of your local food! All produce listed can be found at the Byron farmer’s market on Thursday mornings and all other ingredients at Santos Organics, Fundie’s Wholefoods, and other local grocery stores.

makes 2 bowls



10 frozen Byron Bay Banana Man lady finger bananas

if you prefer Cavendish (the variety found at most grocery stores) then do 8!

1 cup Broken Head Company coconut milk


Mindful Foods Eros Granola

2Die4 Live Foods Mint Chocolate Hemptations

Broken Head Company Smooches

Frozen blueberries from Blueberry Fields

Pink dragon fruit

Passion fruit

Sliced banana


Blend frozen bananas and coconut milk in a high speed blender until you have a smooth ice cream like consistency. Then, add toppings and design your beautiful smoothie bowl art!

Voila, you have a beautiful nutritious breaky or any time of the day snack with all local goodies! Good for you and good for the planet :)

To see more behind the scenes of the making of this smoothie bowl and all of the food producers mentioned, check out For the Love of Food on YouTube.

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