Why Make Sauerkraut?

Why Make Sauerkraut?

We all know the amazing health benefits that come with eating fermented foods like sauerkraut but what makes homemade sauerkraut so much better than the store brought version?

Firstly, sauerkraut is very inexpensive to make, depending on the recipe, it basically requires cabbage and salt and possibly a few herbs or spices. When you make your own sauerkraut in the Kinfolk and Co. fermentation pot you can also make up to 2 litres of kraut, which can be bottled up in glass jars and stored in the fridge for up to 6 months. 

The other advantage is that it is really, really easy! Before I began fermenting my own sauerkraut, I actually had no idea how easy it was until I was shown. There is honestly nothing to it and the initial process takes very little time.

Unlike some store brought sauerkraut, when you make your own you can be sure that no nasties are added. Many store brought brands of sauerkraut contain preservatives, such as sodium benzoate as well as sugar. Store-bought sauerkraut is also sometimes pasteurised, and the heat actually kills the probiotics. Making you own sauerkraut ensures that you can select your own quality ingredients so that you know exactly what you and your family are consuming. My favourite basic ingredients are locally sourced, organic cabbages and Olsson’s hand harvested macrobiotic sea salt.

Creating your own sauerkraut ensures that you can ferment your kraut until the taste is right for you. While some like a mild flavoured kraut others may prefer a really tangy sauerkraut. The beauty of making your own sauerkraut is that you can stop the fermentation process whenever the taste is perfect for you! It also allows you to add in whatever flavours you like. You can have fun mixing different herbs, spices and even other vegetables to alter the overall flavour and texture. My all time favourite flavour combination is bay leaf, juniper berry and clove sauerkraut.

Most of all, the whole process is incredibly satisfying. It is so good to know that you are making something that tastes amazing, is packed full of healthy probiotics and is personally flavoured to your liking. There’s absolutely nothing like the satisfaction & joy of knowing you created something that could never be brought from a store.

Aysha x

Adding cabbage to the bowl
Adding herbs to the cabbage to flavour the sauerkraut
Adding salt to the cabbage to make sauerkraut
Pounding the cabbage and salt to release the juices to make sauerkraut