End Grain Timber Cutting Board


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- Artisan made end grain cutting board
- Unique piece crafted from Australian Red Mahogany and Grey Meranti
- Proper care ensures the board lasts a lifetime, becoming a cherished family heirloom 
- End grain boards are preferred by chefs for their self-healing qualities, providing longevity and safeguarding knife blades
- Board undergoes a food-grade mineral oil bath and is sealed with a homemade mixture of local beeswax and oil, ensuring safety for food preparation
- Dimensions approx. 27cm x 44cm x 2.5cm 
Handcrafted in limited amounts from locally sourced, native timber in Australia by Johnny Kassel for Kinfolk and Co.


Using an end grain chopping board offers several benefits:

- Durability: End grain boards are more durable than traditional edge or face grain boards. The vertical orientation of the grain allows the fibers to be temporarily separated during cutting, reducing visible scoring over time.

- Knife-Friendly: The knife blade strikes between the wood fibers, minimizing the impact on the blade. This not only preserves the sharpness of your knives but also extends their lifespan.

- Self-Healing Properties: As the grain runs vertically, the fibers naturally close over time, resulting in less visible marks or scoring on the board. This self-healing property enhances the longevity and appearance of the chopping board.

- Reduced Wear and Tear: End grain boards are less prone to showing cut marks and scratches, maintaining a smoother surface for a longer period. This makes them suitable for heavy-duty chopping and cutting tasks.

- Aesthetic Appeal: The unique pattern and visual appeal of end grain boards make them an attractive addition to your kitchen. The intricate design created by the exposed ends of the wood fibres adds a touch of elegance.

How to care for your End Grain Cutting Board:

- NEVER soak or put through a dishwasher. 
- Rinse with warm soapy water and stand to dry.
- Rejuvenate periodically with mineral oil and bees wax when looking a little dry or faded. Other food based oils can be used, the best of which are walnut oil, grape seed oil, or coconut oil.