Wave Pillar Candle

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- Uniquely shaped pillar candle inspired by the ocean
- 100% Pure Australian beeswax
- Cotton wick
- Beautiful natural honey aroma
- Height: 10.5cms
- Candle will burn continuously for approximately 26 hours
As each candle is made by hand, appearance may vary slightly to photograph. Colour of Beeswax may also vary from season to season depending on the type of plants from which the Bees have collected their nectar and pollen.

*Remove all labels and packaging before lighting.
*Always place candle on a level, heat and flame resistant surface while candle is in use.
*Never leave a lit candle unattended.
*Never move a lit candle.
*Always keep lit candles away from children and pets.
*Always keep lit candles away from furniture, furnishings and curtains.
*Always keep lit candles away from drafts and open windows.

Colour Dyes: Our candles are coloured using perfectly safe candle colour dyes. The colour “Honey” is the only one which isn’t dyed, and shows the colour of the beeswax we use. Each colour is named after a fruit or vegetable, we endeavour to create each colour as similar to each other batch to batch, but this all depends on the flowering season and the bees from our supplier in Victoria.

Best Tip: Always keep away from direct sunlight, as the colour can fade. Due to the design of this candle, it’s best to burn slowly, up to an hour each time.